Communion is About Unity

Communion represents the covenant that Jesus made with His blood.  Part of that covenant is that we (the church) would become the body of Christ.
His body was broken that we as individuals might be made whole.  However, His body was also broken that we the church might be made whole.  And so, communion is a reminder that He paid the price so that we could walk together.
I tell you what, it’s hard enough for two believers to walk together in agreement, but to get a bunch of believers to walk in unity takes a major work of the Holy Spirit.  I’ve heard it said that the most significant thing that the Holy Spirit did on Pentecost wasn’t the tongues, it was the gathering of them all together in agreement.
God wants to shift our thinking.  This begins by committing ourselves to letting the Holy Spirit unify us in our hearts.  It’s no good to have the fire if we’re not in it together.  We cannot do it on our own.  The full manifestation of the Holy Spirit only happens through the body. We need one another.  As the unified body of Christ, we can do this.
This is a Prairie Fire Unite Conference excerpt adapted from the session on April 18, 2015, preached by Pastor Jim Randall from City Centre Church in Saskatoon, SK. 
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